This weeks Armenian hitchhike: A photoessay

Today, I thought I’d do something a little different – A photoessay on this weeks Armenian hitchhiking adventure. Some background for you: I’m currently living in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia. I’m working a couple of jobs to make ends meet, and on my days off, I go hitchhiking with my friends. It’s fun, I meet interesting people, and – very importantly – it’s cheap.

Getting value for money is something that can not be underplayed, especially when living in a former Soviet republic which is not particularly affluent. Here, you need to make your money go a long way. With hitchhiking – the experience, the unknown, the memory – those are the rewards. The situations you get into are stimulating and you come away with brilliant stories and long-lasting memories. Contrary to what mass media will tell you, hitchhiking is great, and strangers aren’t generally axe-murders. They’re actually just like you, and me.

So here – on this hitch – where we head south from Yerevan to Jermuk, I let the photos do the talking. The trip certainly didn’t disappoint:

All-in-all, a great day out – and it cost us around a dollar each.


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